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13th ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2018


13th ČSOB Bratislava Marathon 2018

and accessory events


Advices and basic information

Main organizer:        BE COOL, s.r.o. in cooperation with Bratislavský maratón, o.z.

Co-organizers:          Capital city of Slovakia Bratislava and City parts Bratislava – Old Town, Petržalka and Ružinov

Place:                         Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Disciplines:                Main program – 8th April 2018
- ČSOB marathon (42,195 km)
- Mercedes-Benz half marathon (21,098 km)
- Johnson Controls relay half marathon (21,098  km)
- Adient relay marathon (42,195 km)    
Accessory program – 7th April 2018
- 10K run with Birell (10 km)
- NUTRILITE mini marathon (4,2 km)
- Senior run & walk - Beh dobrých ročníkov (4,2 km)
- Sport Kids Academy Kids Runs (300 m – 800 m)
- Toddlers (5 m)

Chief officials:         

Director: Jozef Pukalovič
Executive director: Peter Pukalovič
Sport director: Marcel Matanin
Chief arbiter: Iveta Cihová
Assistants of chief arbiter: Miroslav Helia, Imrich Ozorák
Chief physician: MUDr. Alena Urvayová
Medical coordinator: Katarína Hubková

Marathon and half marathon track:
City circle (city parts Old Town, New Town, Ružinov and Petržalka), track with hard surface (asphalt, concrete, stone pavement), without massive degree of incline. Marathon runners run two laps. The track has got a valid AIMS certificate.

For warm up before the start on Sunday (8th April 2018) please use the promenade on the riverbank in Eurovea. 

Registration and time of presentation (picking up of start packages) are for each discipline specified individually. Please, study the instructions carefully, especially those for the discipline of your choice.

Before the event you will receive to your e-mail confirmation about your participation. We kindly ask you to print out and bring with you also 3 documents when picking up the start package. The documents are:

  • Consent of the person concerned
  • Statement of health
  • Power of attorney to pick up the start package for another person (also in case of a relay team of which you aren´t a member) – hand written power of attorney is sufficient

In case you will not receive the confirmation e-mail, please check if your name is in the start list. If not, please contact info@becool.sk and when picking up the start package (presentation) bring the printed out "Confirmation of payment", which you will get to your e-mail.   

In case of relay team it is sufficient, if only one member presents it. Start numbers of all 4 relay members are placed in one start package. In case of toddlers it is not necessary to present them. Just come with the registered baby to the start on Saturday morning.

Restriction of the start:
On Sunday 8th April 2018 the runner can start only in one of the disciplines (marathon, half marathon or relay run), so he/she can´t start in an individual discipline and at the same time to be a member of a relay team.

Participants limit:
The main organizer will define for each discipline participants limits and is entitled to stop the registration ad hoc depending on the development of the total number of registered runners and circumstances around the organization of the event, especially for logistic, safety and capacity reasons.

via predpredaj.sk or bratislavamarathon.com

Possibilities of start fee payment:
It is possible to pay the start fee with payment card when registering on-line and using the payment terminal within the registration system or, if the limit in the respective discipline will be not reached, directly at the event. Should problems when registering occur, please contact 

After the registration form was filled out correctly the system will offer you to pay with payment card or via internet banking. After the start fee was paid the system will send you a confirmation e-mail.   

The start fee depends on the date (day) on which it was paid (it is independent from the date of registration in the registration system). When paying on-line within the registration system the payment will be charged immediately after the payment thus you can immediately verify your successful registration within the start list on the web site of the event.

Start fee for clients of the ČSOB Financial Group

All clients of the ČSOB Financial Group, which operates in the Slovak Republic - ČSOB Leasing, ČSOB Asset Management, ČSOB Stavebná sporiteľňa, ČSOB poisťovňa and ČSOB, a.s. are eligible to buy start fee with a 30% discount.

To confirm and verify that you are a client of one of ČSOB Financial Group's companies, you must select the name of a member of the ČSOB Financial Group that you have a contractual relationship with and indicate in the relevant field when signing up for the chosen discipline in a separate window of the login form account number or contract number. These data will serve exclusively to verify the relationship with ČSOB Financial Group and will be performed by representatives of ČSOB Financial Group. In case that your relationship is insufficiently demonstrated, the organizer will be entitled to ask for payment in full sum during the presentation. This discount applies only to a specific physical person (participant) having a contractual relationship with a member of ČSOB Financial Group and is only valid for clients of ČSOB Financial Group operating in the Slovak Republic. The discount does not apply to the family members of such a person. To register with a discount is possible only once.

Discount does not apply to Children's Runs because the whole sum from collected start fee will be donated to the Kvapka nádeje Foundation to promote childhood oncology.

The ČSOB Financial Group, operating in the Slovak Republic, are those companies:
Československá obchodná banka, ČSOB Poisťovňa, ČSOB stavebná sporiteľňa, KBC Asset Management, ČSOB Factoring a ČSOB Leasing.

Notification of absence – change of runner:
Already paid start fee will be not refunded. In case the runner announces his/her absence till 15th March 2018 he/she can use the start fee in the next year´s event. If the runner can´t participate because of health reasons and can show a proof from the physician between 16th March 2018 and 8th April 2018 he/she can also use the start fee in the next year.

In case you can´t participate and wish to transfer your start number to another runner (with his/her agreement sent in written form to info@becool.sk) you can do it in written form via info@becool.sk till 28th February 2018 at latest. Only the originally registered participant can contact us and announce all data of the new participant. The new participant confirms the registration and picks up the start package. After the start package was picked up the transfer of registration is not possible. The transfer of start number in the period 1st March 2018 till the start of presentation costs 5,- €,  which are to be paid directly when picking up the start package during the presentation.

The start number is non-transferable. If the organizer finds out that another participant runs with a start number, he/she will be disqualified.

All participants are obliged to secure individual health insurance (a standard general health insurance at any insurance company is sufficient). The organizer is not responsible for property or health damages related to the transport, stay and participation in the event. Each participant takes part in the run on his/ her own responsibility and is responsible for his/her health condition in which he/she goes to the start.

Each participant is obliged to control the given insurance company (also in case one picks up the start package for another participant).  Foreign participants will show a photocopy of the health insurance card. Without presenting this confirmation the start package will be not given to the runner even in case he/she has paid the start fee.

On the back side of the start number, as well as within the on-line registration form you can fill out your health information. This information will be used by the organizer only in case the runner has got health complications and has to be treated by emergency. If you wish you can add information about your actual health status, illness, allergy, contact person or other important information which could help us in case medical treatment will be provided to you. Should changes as to your health occur in the period between the registration and presentation, please inform about them the organizer during the presentation. 

Before the start we recommend to all runners a medical check.

Start fee includes:

  • participants kit
  • start number with time measurement chip (except kids runs)
  • possibility to have on the start number ones name or the name of the relay team (in case the participant/relay applies and pays the start fee till 28th Feb. 2018 and in the on-line registration form he/she gives his/her name or the name of the relay team)
  • ticket for the Saturday´s pasta party (7th April 2018)
  • refreshment on the track and in the finish
  • medal after crossing the finish line,  
  • SMS with result time in disciplines, where chips are used in case the participant fills out his/her cell phone number in the on-line registration form
  • on-line diploma - possibility to print it out from the web site in disciplines, where  chips are used
  • marathon bulletin 
  • possibility to use changing rooms as well as deposit for personal belongings

Time measurement and results:
is secured by VOS-TPK. The organizer makes the results public immediately after the end of the event on sportsofttiming.cz and afterwards on bratislavamarathon.com. The runners will be arranged in the results list according to their official time (time from gut shot till the crossing of finish line). In the result list there will be also an informative (unofficial) time.

Start corridors:
divided into times zones will be created for the disciplines marathon, half marathon, 10K run and mini marathon. Please do not forget to fill in into the registration form your reached time from the last year´s event (2017), or a time reached in 2017 on a similar long track. The start corridor will be divided into zones which will make the start and the first kilometers more fluent. The runner, who will not declare his/her time, will be automatically placed into the end of the start field (last zone). For this reason it is important to fill in your time in the registration form. Please, fill in only your real reached times! In case of question please contact magda@becool.sk.

If your time has changed from the registration to beginning of the event and you would like to be placed into a faster corridor, it is necessary to bring to the presentation the result list as proof of your new time. Without this a new placement into a faster zone will be not possible.  This is also valid for participants who register after 1st March 2018, who will be otherwise placed into the last corridor (excepting of mini marathon).

In case a runner will start from another (faster) corridor, the organizer can penalize him/her with + 10 minutes.
The organizer will control during the registration the given times, so that they fit your real performance. We will contact the runners by e-mail. This measure should create best conditions for runners, who respect the rules in relation with their sport performance.

The relay runners will have a separate zone, which will be placed in the middle of the start corridor. In case the relay will start from another (faster) corridor, the organizer can penalize its members with + 10 minutes.

Time limit:
5:00 hours – marathon (time limit for 21,098 km - 2:30 hours and for 30 km - 3:30 hours, the time is measured from the gun start!) 
3:00 hours – half marathon, relay run 
1:30 hours - 10K run.

Age limit:                  
18 years (year of birth 2000 and older) – marathon, half marathon, 10K run
15 years (year of birth 2003 and older) – relay run, mini marathon

Deposit of personal belongings and changing rooms:
will be placed in the Eurovea complex on marked places close to start and finish of individual runs. Detailed information you will find before the event on the technical map placed on bratislavamarathon.com.

Refreshment marathon and half marathon:

  • Refreshment stations will be placed on each 5th km (5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40)

On refreshment stations on the first tables own refreshment will be placed, on other tables drinks in plastic cups or bottles will be available (water, tee, iont drink), behind them refreshment  (bananas, chocolate, lemons, grape sugar, salt) and buckets with water and sponges will be placed. If a runner takes refreshment outside of marked refreshment stations he/she takes the risk to be disqualified (IAAF rules – rule 240 point 9/e).

Refreshment stations on the 5th and 10th km will be placed on both sides of the track.  Other refreshment stations will be placed on the right side of the track.

  • Freshening stations will be placed between refreshment stations on 2,5 - 7,5 – 12,5 – 17,5 – 22,5 – 27,5 – 32,5 – 37,5 km

On freshening stations cups with water and buckets with water and sponges will be placed.

  • Own refreshment in unbreakable boxes, with visibly marked start number and km of the respective refreshment station the runners must hand over on Sunday 8th April 2018 till 7:30 a.m. at latest at the signed place within the presentation place.

Refreshment 10K run: approx. on the 5th km a refreshment station with water will be placed.
Please, do not throw away empty bottles and cups on the border of the street but into the litter-bins placed behind the refreshment stations so that they do not endanger runners behind you. At the end of each refreshment station mobile toilets will be placed.  

After crossing the finish line please do not stand under the finish arch however proceed fluently within the finish corridor. Breathe when going which will improve your blood circulation. In case you don´t feel well in the finish corridor please use the medical service offered there.  

The race takes place according to IAAF rules and clauses of these propositions. The runner can leave the track with permission and under control of the arbiter on the condition the track will be not shortened by this. The runner who takes refreshment outside of refreshment stations takes the risk he/she will be disqualified. The runner has immediately to leave the race if ordered by the physician appointed by the organizing committee. Each kind of accompany or help to the runner during the competition by other persons, except urgent treatment by a physician appointed by the organizing committee, is considered as prohibited help.

After the last runners busses will drive who will pick up runners who will miss the time limit from the track to the finish zone. Runners, who will stop running for other reasons will wait for the bus or go to the finish zone individually.
The IAAF rules strictly forbid to use head phones during the run. The runner can be disqualified. It is dangerous to use head phones because of safeness of runners and visitors and in case of operative interferences in the track.

Protests have to be submitted verbally to the chief arbiter within 30 minutes after the results are announced at latest. Appeal against the decision of the chief arbiter, accounted by 10 €, has to be submitted to the jury in written form within 30 minutes after the official announcement of the chief arbiter´s decision.

Special evaluated categories besides official results:   

  • Newcomer

Runners, who run marathon, half marathon or 10Km run for the first time and they mark the field “newcomer” in the registration form, will be evaluated separately in categories. The first 3 men and 3 women will get material prices. We hope that only newcomers, those who run in the named disciplines for the first time will take part in this side competition.   

  • The fastest man/woman residing in Bratislava

In disciplines marathon, half marathon, 10Km run and mini marathon we will evaluate the first 3 men and women who give in the registration form Bratislava as their place of residence. They will get material prices.

The organizer BE COOL, s.r.o. retains the right, if circumstances require it, to modify or nearly specify some information in these propositions. He also further retains the right to cancel or interrupt the event or some of its disciplines in case of serious danger like war, unfriendly weather, terrorism or any other attack endangering the security of participants or in case of other unforeseeable vis maior factors.

In such cases the runners have no entitlement to get the start or its part fee refunded because costs already arose while preparing the event in the time before its cancelling/interrupting.   The organizer can however after evaluating all circumstances and costs compensate a part of start fee to the runners.

Contact: BE COOL, s.r.o., Nevädzová 6, 821 01 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

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