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How can I find out my payment has been received?
In case your payment was received and allocated to your name, you will find your name on the start list at bratislavamarathon.com

I did not receive the payment confirming mail, can I despite of this go pick up the starting package?
If you did not receive the confirmation mail and you do not see your name on the start list, email us at info@becool.sk to check where the problem occurred during registration.

What documents I need to bring to the presentation and to pick up the starting package?
Bring the completed and signed original of consent of the person concerned and the declaration of health.

Is it possible to pay by invoice?

Yes, we can, if necessary, in case of larger groups of runners issue an invoice for start fee or participation T-shirts. If interested, please write to mony@becool.sk. Payment must be carried out before the event!!!

Can I pick up starting packages also for friends / colleagues?
Yes, it is possible. However for picking up the starting packages you need an original of the consent of the persons concerned and the declarations of health.

What should I do if I have already registered, but I know that I will not be able to participate?

Paid start fee will not be refunded. In the case of notification of absence until 15.3.2017 the participant can exercise the start fee in the next year's event. If the participant shall communicate his absence on health grounds accompanied by a document (proving the disease, respectively injury) by the attending physician in the period from 16.3.2017 to 2.4.2017, he/she has the same opportunity to exercise the start fee in next year's event. If you can´t run and want to overwrite your race number to another participant (with his/her consent), you can do so by email at info@becool.sk till 28.02.2017 latest. Contact us, however, must the person originally registered, who shall notify all data on the new participant. The start package picks up and the statement confirms already the new runner. After taking over the start package a re-registration is not possible. The start number overwriting to another athlete is from 01.03.2017 associated with handling fee of 5 EUR, which is to be paid directly on picking up of the starting package at presentation.

Must members of a relay team run in the order in which they appear on the start list?
If the relay team members wish to exchange with each other, it is possible. Importantly, however, they must respect the order of start numbers, namely A-B-C-D. For security reasons, however, we suggest to inform us about the change in the order of runners in advance at info@becool.sk. In case of any unexpected situation during the run we can according to the start number and order immediately identify the runner.

When will be possible to pick up the starting package?

The start numbers will be available from Friday, 27th April 2017. For more information about the place and time will be published at the propositions.

What happens if I do not catch up with the defined time limit?

According to the propositions and the rules you will be disqualified and your start number will be removed on the track. The precise definition of time limits you can find in general propositions.

Can the relay run team count less than 4 runners?
No, it is not possible. The relay run is for four-member teams.

Is it possible that I run in the relay run as the first member of the relay and after the handover I go to the start in the discipline half marathon?
Unfortunately not, within Sunday you can attend only one of the following disciplines: marathon, half-marathon or relay run. The combination of disciplines is not possible.

 Why it is not allowed to run with headphones?

For security reasons. At any time during the run may happen that the organizers must regulate or warn runners, give way to ambulances or the runners have to follow the police instructions, or the like. Therefore, it is necessary that each runner is fully aware of the situation around. We strongly ask you to respect this rule. For its failure the runners can be disqualified.

Why must the start number be placed visible?
Start number must be placed visible so that we can identify you when entering the start corridor, so that we can identify of your discipline during the run and that you can be captured by the time measuring camera because of warranty.

Will my starting package includes also the chip to measure time?
The time measuring chip will be placed at the back of the start number. Therefore, it is important to have the start number placed visible, it may not be covered, damaged or otherwise devalued. Do not remove the chip from it.

My child is registered for the kids runs, I can run with him/her?
Of course, especially in the A category (up to 5 years) and the B category (6 and 7 years), it is possible that children ran accompanied by parents. In the start corridor parents with children queue behind the children who run alone. We strongly ask the parents to respect this rule.

I do not live directly in Bratislava, can you recommend any accommodation?
For all runners also this year we have prepared special offers of accommodation facilities, the so-called "marathon packages". The complete offer can be found here. In addition, in cooperation with our other partners in the field of transport and tourism we cooperate on preferential offers for runners during marathon weekend, which in addition to domestic traffic also include public transport and optional trips within the capital city. We will inform you about the offers, more information will be available in the section Transport.

I could not find anybody to sit with my child while I will be running. Do you know any place in Eurovea offering services of children's corner?
For runners and their youngest we have prepared a special offer in collaboration with Sport Kids Academy (SKA) in Eurovea, which is located on the first floor next to cinemas. We recommend you to book the place in the children's corner at the SKA reception in advance.

Why I did not find my name on the start number?
Names on start numbers will have all runners who have paid the start fee until 28nd Feb. 2017. On start numbers of relay runners no names of runners, but the name of the relay will be put.

I do not have the possibility to pay by card or payment gate, how to proceed?
Email us at info@becool.sk and we will send you a procedure how you will pay your start fee.

I was placed in the last corridor. Can anything be done?
You have a corridor placement according to the time specified when completing your registration form. If your performance has changed in the meanwhile, you can email us till 16th March 2016 and we will shift you to another corridor. However, we strongly ask you to input the relevant time, thereby showing respect for other runners. To shift from faster to slower corridor is possible also during the picking up of starting packages.

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